Photography websites help you to understand and gain more knowledge about photography and they also give you tips and advice about how you can be a better photographer. Best photographers blogs will help you in becoming a professional or if you have already started your career as a photographer then it might help you in your photography career.

This blog focuses on best photographer’s websites/blogs that you can follow if you want to become a good photographer. These blogs or websites will give you tips for becoming a good photographer. So, let us check it out one by one.

25 Best Photographers Blogs and Site in the World

1.Practical Photography


This is a magazine tuned into a photography website, it was actually first found in the year 1959. The magazine is all about photography techniques, tips, and photographic gear. The website very stylized in which you can find well-dressed picture links to the online articles. This website has devoted the learning zone focusing on Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife and Travel. This website has immense reviews about essential gear and how to click eye-catching pictures.

2. Feature Shoot


If you are finding decent photographers blogs then is one of the blogs where blogs of photography include photography in the category such as still life, portraits, fine art, landscapes, and documentary photography. They only upload pictures of established photographers. The founder and the editor-in-chief have worked with many photographers to produce one of the ace photography blogs with an archive of 4000 photo blog post.

3. Joe McNally


Blogs of photography give a great idea to the person who is new to the world of photography. Joe McNally has one of the best photographers bloggers and his blog contains best blogs photography. He is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed photographer. He has photographed on projects in almost 70 countries and also shot for famous magazines. He most pens about his journeys and projects and advice for the people who are learning photography in his blogs.

4. Richard Bernabe


Every photo blogger sites write about different types of photos, which blog you should follow depends on what type of photography you are interested in. If you are into travel photography then this site for you. Richard Bernabe has his interest in travel photography and he writes his blogs as a well-traveled outlook. His work can be seen in news, cultural magazines and travel.

5. Chase Jarvis


If you want to learn travel photography and you are looking for best photography blogs then you should check out chase Jarvis captures both still and motion pictures. He aims to be as artistic as possible, his photography blogs feature inspirational photoshoot and he also gives tips on how to improve your photography skills. He always interviews other professionals in his blog posts.

6. Davis duChemin


If you are finding the best blog sites for photographers because Davis duChemin explored the world in search of undeniable photos. His blog for photos mostly focuses on publications that inspire him, people and world events. He has worked as an assignment photographer, digital publisher, and bestselling author. His client involves mostly humanitarian organizations.

7. Ken Kaminesky


If you wish to be a photographer and you want tutorials on photography and you are looking out for the best photo blog sites then you must read Ken Kaminesky’s blogs as he likes to take pictures because he loves the job. He supplied lifestyle pictures to stock photography agencies for 15 years. He precisely knows how to set a photoshoot with consistent work and technically sound. His blogs give tutorials about photography.

8. Depositphotos Blog


 Every new photographer finds good photography bloggers to get new photography ideas and lessons about to make them better as a photographer then this blog is for you. This photographer blogger will give you tips on stock photography insights, marketing tips, and the latest trends. If you need any help regarding your photography career then you can read this blog.

9. Two Loves Studio


If you have a special love for food and you want to capture every delicious food that you eat and share it with others then you must take tips for food photography from this blog. Rachel joins her love for food photography with an education degree to share few tips, information, and techniques from which you can learn how to take better photographs and how to start a photography business. She conducts master classes to help you in becoming an expert in lightroom, composition, and business for food photography.

10. Kristen Kalp


If you want to start your own business regarding photography then you must read her blog, she initially started her own business in this industry and later she started writing blogs in which she writes how-to self promote locally and she also gives realistic views about the low budget photography business for the people who are looking out for start-up in this industry.

11. Creative Live


This website will provide you with photography courses and tutorials. Their videos and video courses vary from free to $300. Their video not only concentrates on workflows and guides but also offers philosophical insights into explicit areas of photography which will be helpful for you in your photography business.

12. Udemy


This online course website where you can find 340 tutorials only on photography. They teach you the understanding of your camera and the art of black and white photography. The cost of the course is worth $9, 99 and it can be viewed as many times you wish to. This website will teach you out of the box photography and you can learn everything necessary in the field of photography.

13. The Photo Argus


This website provides you with inspirational photos. It is for unprofessional and professionals as they can get all types of information related to photography and also its techniques. You just have to search for inspirational series, project, photographer and by location. You can learn it just by sitting and surfing at home.

14. Tuts Plus


If you wish to become a master in photography then you must visit this website because they provide online courses, tutorials, and e-book for polishing your talent and allowing you to be a good photographer. Their articles are written by photographers and other artists themselves. The article will help you and give you advice relating to photography. They teach you how to read a photograph and how to use medium telephoto lenses.

15. Geoff Lawrence


Though this website looks out-dated it would be better than if you won’t judge this website on how it looks. The content of this website is helpful and it also splits into 15+ headings which will help you to navigate effortlessly, the topic ranges from choosing a camera to what to do after work, this is his way of post-editing. This is the site where you can find all the possible information related to photography.

16. Popular Photography


This website contains 341 pages of camera gear news to soak up. This is one of the good websites with unique and particular tips relating to pictures. Their websites permit you to find their social media pages and you can also comment on those pages and ask your choirs about it. They have a nice web design element given to it as this website contributes some of the best photography.

17. Picture Correct


The best part about this website is that this website gives you information about how to clean your DSLR and how to add color to black and white photography. You will find everything relevant according to your choice of photography. This site contains a total of 539 pages of content. You can find videos that give you tutorials and you can also find articles related to how to getting better at a specific photographic area.

18. SLR Lounge


This website provides you with different types of information in a different area related photography. They offer s it in the form of workshops which cover Lightroom, lighting, wedding photography. You can also ask the photographers to analyze and not just that you can also keep track of your progress and picking up from where you left off anytime. The unique thing about this site is that you have an award scheme which is free to join and if you win that, this can be very helpful for you in getting a good start by getting your name out there.

19. The Spruce


Though the name of the site doesn’t look like a photography website it is always to see the depth of the things rather than just judging it from outside. The content of this website is written by the experts of this field, these are the writers who have already achieved success in this, and they write everything that you might want to know. The website has both techniques to use and an extensive library of tips.

20. Digital Photography School


This is a place for learning techniques and tips, they will provide you with six articles as per your need from the landscape camera. You will never fall of shortage for content from this site. The writers for this site are from all over the world and so there is always something for everything on this website related to their doubts on photography. You can get all the information you need for starting your career in photography and they will provide you with proper knowledge.



 This is the place where you can find a lot of photography inspiration. This is the actual online community for the photographers, the website contains more than 5 million photos, the amazing thing about this website is that you can get in touch with all types of photographers.

22. Lights talking


 The name itself of the site tells you that it is related to lights, camera, and action. Photographers write articles on this site for other photographers, so if you are new to this field and you need so advice or tips relating to photography then you must visit these sites. They write interesting articles which can give you knowledge about the unfamiliar ideas and techniques which will not be found on other websites.

23. Fstoppers


This website is simply attention-grabbing, well-organized and clean. This is one of those websites where if you find one article then you can start reading other articles too and spend a lot of time on the site just to read their articles. This site gives a lot of knowledge regarding photography, you can achieve everything and anything related to pictures on this site. It also offers gear reviews and kit and news.

24. DIY Photography


Everybody out there who thinks that photography is quite expensive and it takes a lot of money, this website will prove that person wrong by giving them ideas of cheaper and homemade version waiting to be crafted. DIY photography suggests kit reviews and tons of tutorials. This is one of the best places where you get inspired and get ideas where you can get started with your career in photography even with a low budget.

25. 500px


This is a semi-professional social media stage for photographers. This site is like the online community for all types of photographers, professional, non-professionals. The main thing about this site is that other photographers can do analysis on your photos and this way you can receive feedback on your photography. This site has more than 6 million photographers so there is no scope that you can run out of inspiration. The trending designs of this site have made this one of the top sites in markets.

 The Takeaway

If you are thinking of becoming a photographer, then you should not think much but start looking at these best photographers’ blogs. These blogs will help you in learning tricks, relating photography, and you can also get analysis and feedbacks by uploading the pictures that are clicked by you and get better.