We all are aware that Christmas is a festival – the time of year full of hope, family reunion, good atmosphere, gifts, music, and lights. The Christmas spirit invades everyone, isn’t it? So, it is better to take that feeling everywhere through personalizing our smartphone with free live Christmas wallpapers.

These days, we are living in a tech-driven world. So, it is pretty much expected that the holiday of giving will be celebrated by the amalgamation of technology. Most of us will do this by using the Christmas wallpaper live free either on computers or gadgets like a smartphone.

So, if you are looking for free live wallpapers for Christmas that is of high-quality, 3D, or with music, look no further. Here we have listed down the top 20 best Christmas live wallpapers for iPhone and Android.

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20 Free Live Christmas Wallpapers for Android and iPhone

Let’s check it out one by one.

1.Christmas Candle 3D Wallpaper by Wiktor Bronowski

Christmas Candle 3D Wallpaper

Do you want to install a 3D wallpaper of a Christmas candle on your phone or computer? Then, this app is one of the simplest and worth recommending app on our list.

2. Winter Holiday Live Wallpaper by Acinis

Featuring next in the list of top 20 free live wallpapers for Christmas is winter holiday live wallpaper by Acinis. If you want realistic snow falling live wallpaper for your Android phone, then this app is the perfect one.

Wallpapers Christmas Live

3. Christmas Live Wallpaper Free by Jetblack Software

Coming up next in the list of top 20 Christmas wallpaper for phone is an app by Jetblack Software. It brings the all essence of Christmas in single wallpaper. Once installed, this app makes use of a wallpaper that is 3D, live, and uses almost all Christmas components such as Christmas tree, light, the stars, and countdown.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full 3

4. Christmas in HD Gyro 3D by CodeKonditor

Up next in the list is Christmas wallpaper by CodeKonditor. The specialty of this wallpaper is that it uses a parallax scrolling and gyro sensor in your phone to offer you a truly 3D experience. If you enjoy the gentle glow, this wallpaper is the perfect one.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

5. Christmas Wallpapers by eBook Apps

Are you bored of all-time common 3D Christmas tree live wallpapers? Then, try something new this time. In eBook Apps, there are different Christmas scenes, winter scenery, and festively dressed pets to choose from. So, download this app and swap wallpapers as many times as you like.

Free Live Christmas Wallpaper

6. Christmas Puppy Live Wallpaper by Live Wallpapers 3D

Christmas Puppy Live Wallpape

If you are a lover of animals then you will surely love this 3D Christmas puppy live wallpaper. In this pack of wallpaper, you can choose more than one dog. So, discover your favorite one or just switch between them as much as you want.

7. 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper by Wallpaper qHD

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper

Do you like a Christmas themed house? If yes, then this app is for you. Here you can choose from different styles and designs and build your imaginary Christmas house on your home screen.

8. Winter and Christmas Wallpaper by Cosmic Mobile

Winter and Christmas Wallpaper

The next on the list is winter and Christmas wallpaper by Cosmic Mobile. When you use this app, you can choose a couple of different winter scenes and set them as your wallpaper

9. Xmas Cat Live Wallpaper by KKPICTURE

Are you a lover of cats? Then it’s worth to check out this app.  In this app, there is a wide list of Christmas wallpapers. When you use this app, you can incorporate a cat and Christmas together.

Cat Live Christmas Wallpaper

10. Christmas Moon free by TDL media

If you love a full moon snowy night then this app is for you. By installing this app, you do not have to wait for the winter months to come around. This app offers Christmas themed live wallpaper that does the same thing.

Free Live Wallpapers for Christmas

11. 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper by Thanh_Lan

Do you want to add some personal touch in your live Christmas wallpapers? Then, this app is a treat for you. When you use this app, you can choose from different winter locations and build something that looks unique and fun to craft.

12. Santa 3D Live Wallpaper by Bratanov

Featuring next on the list of top 20 live Christmas wallpaper is Santa 3D live wallpaper. In it, you can see Santa itself riding his sleight with a reindeer pulling it. Is there anything more significant and iconic than this? Currently, this wallpaper incorporates 8 different animations such as Running, Galloping, Barrel roll and more.

13. Christmas Live Wallpaper by BlackBird Wallpapers

There is nothing more iconic than a roaring fireplace on a cold winter night. In Christmas live wallpaper by BlackBird Wallpapers, you get the best Christmas themed live wallpapers along with a den.

14. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper by 7art Studio

Do you love to add personal touch and customization? Then, it is the best Christmas live wallpapers offer by 7art Studio. It is very easy to create and do customization. So, it makes you feel like your own creation.

15. Christmas Free Live Wallpaper by maxelus.net

If you are in search of a wallpaper that uses Christmas lights to form various Christmas elements, then its worth to check out this app. This app has around 15 different Christmas elements with a changeable background, color, light, spark, and more.

16. Christmas Free Live Wallpaper by intoLive

Do you wish to be a little creative? Then, intoLive is for you. With it, you can convert your photos into live images. You can even transform memorable videos or fun-loving GIFs into live photos. You can even add a lot of stickers and effects into your image to make it more appealing.

17. Christmas Wallpapers HD

This is a fantastic app that is completely optimized for your iOS devices. In this app, extensive collections of HD wallpapers are there. All the themes are professionally designed and look attention-grabbing.

18. 3D Christmas Fireplace by Christmas Wallpapers HD

Up next on the list is 3D Christmas Fireplace by Christmas Wallpapers HD. When you use this app, you can customize and explore the 3D den to your heart’s content.

19. Christmas Wallpapers & Merry Christmas Images

If you are a lover of vibrant designs, then you will love this app a lot. In this app, you can pick out the backgrounds as per your taste.

20. Countdown Live Wallpaper by Wasabi

Last on the list of top 20 Christmas Wallpapers is countdown live wallpaper by Wasabi. If you are searching for the app that does a countdown of events such as New Year and Christmas then it’s a great app.

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The Takeaway

The above listed are 20 of the best free live Christmas wallpapers for this festive season. But, do not let that stop you from getting more. If you do not see your favorite Christmas wallpapers for the phone, then feel free to share your query in the comment box below.