Are you a good photographer, if yes then you should not waste your talent, as you know it is said, “If You are good at something then never do it for free”. You should explore your talent and click pictures around yourself and capture little things which usually people fail to observe. Pictures are very precious for everybody because time and people can change any moment but memories never change and nobody can take those memories away from you. If you are good a photographer than you should start thinking to grow and get better with this talent. You can earn money with this talent. You can sell pictures online and not only spread happiness and smile but also make a profit for yourself.

The best part of this profession is that you don’t need any special training or a degree. You don’t have to go through any special studying process for this. You just need proper dedication and a real passion to be a good photographer. There are plenty of opportunities for it and the good thing is you don’t even have to waste your energy behind making any specific websites for this. You can just get started without all of this process. You have to be sure about a few things like providing high-quality photos and not just that it should also have good lighting and good color. Your photos should also provide a good captivating moment. If your photography has all of these qualities then it is sure that this talent can make you earn a decent amount of money.

You just need to spend a little money on your equipment, the better equipment the better experience you will get, the more knowledge will be earned from your end and all of this will provide you with worthwhile opportunities. It is always to invest a little in any business because that investment will give you good returns. The photography and smiles that you were spreading for free can now actually give you good returns. You just need to know the proper equipment knowledge that is needed for it. Once you get the proper information and understand the process then many online modes will give you opportunities to grow in this field.

Let’s check out how you can become an online photo seller.

Equipment that one should buy for becoming a good photographer

How to Make Money by Photos

A good quality Camera 

This is the most important and the first equipment that is needed. You need to do a lot of research on the best models that you might want to buy. There are many options that you can choose according to your suitable budget, the better the camera will provide you with good quality photographs.

Camera Bag 

It is very important to buy a bag for your camera because it is important to keep it covered safely so that it won’t be covered with dust and it is also very helpful while traveling. Camera bags will always protect your camera while traveling and so you will not have to worry about its damage. You can easily migrate your camera without any tension. 


This equipment is one of the important equipment because it will help you to keep your camera stable and allow you to take more than one picture till you get the perfect shot without even moving the camera around. This will help you to get many shots and give you options to choose your favorite picture as per your choice.


If you have lenses you will have many options to get better quality of photos. There are many types of lenses that can give different types of pictures with different effects. This will give you an idea about the best picture and also provide you with a better quality of photos. Lenses help you to see your pictures with different and a better vision.


Your pictures must be bright enough and it should have proper and natural lights. If in case there is no natural light is if the picture is of the night or somewhere where the sunlight can’t be provided then the studio lights can be very helpful to give the appropriate lightings in the picture.


As per your planning of clicking pictures, you can buy or create a few backdrops for your photos; it can be used for studios or portrait pictures. It can be bought or created as per the necessity and the types of pictures that you are going to click. 


It is always good to have few props with you while clicking pictures. Props make the pictures more interesting and it will give you more ideas about the angles while clicking the pictures. Your props can be according to your need, for example, if you are shooting a pre-wedding photoshoot then you might need props as per their shoot. Props can give you different pictures at the same place. You will not have to find different backgrounds for every picture. 

Editing Software

Once you are done clicking the pictures your work doesn’t end over there. The picture should look perfect and so for that you might have to edit the pictures. You will have to install a software program that will edit and fine-tune your pictures. Lightroom and Photoshop can be a superior investment for photographers.

Once you get the proper equipment and you will have good quality photos and also experience. You can use your that talent and experience in making more money by selling your photographs online to the business, companies, and bloggers for their brochures, advertisements, instruction manuals, editorial content, and others. If they use stock photographs then it becomes less hectic for them and it also saves their time of hiring a photographer.

If you are interested in making money by selling your photos then these are the list of few companies which can help you to sell your photos online and earn money.

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10 Website for Selling Your Photos and Make Money

Check out these 10 Websites (companies) for selling photos online



You can not just sell photos but also sell stock video footage including 4k videos and HD. You can easily earn up to $120 after every download on each photo.

2. iStockphoto


For applying on this site you just need to first choose the suitable category and then fill out the application form, then your form will be reviewed and as per your qualification, they will give you a quiz and then ask you to upload few samples. This is one of the most reputed sites.

3. 123RF


this Company, you just need to sign up for a contributor account and just post your real and actual pictures, when someone downloads your picture they provide you with 60% of the commission.

4. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

 If you click astonishing pictures or videos or you create top-notch vectors and your age is above 18 years than you can create your account and upload your content on adobe stock and start earning money. Each time any buyer would buy one of your photos, you will receive 33% of commission on vector art and photos. Each time anybody would buy your videos you will receive 35% of the commission. The modes of payment through which your money will be given are via Paypal and skrill.

5. 500prime


You can simply upload your pictures on 500prime and sell it and receive your money through PayPal.

6. Animals Animals 

Animals Animals

While uploading pictures over here make sure that your pictures should be taken with 10MP camera or greater. The pictures should be edited for better quality.

7. Alamy 


This site has its policy. The policy is that if the picture clicked and uploaded by is exclusive then you get the chance to earn 50% on each sale. If the pictures are non-exclusive then you get the chance to earn 40% on each sale. Their modes of payments are fund transfer, skrill or PayPal. As per the policy of their company they transfer the payment on the first working day of the month after your account balance is reached till $50.

8. Crestock


Depending upon your old images that were sold since you joined the site; they calculate the royalty charges on a progressive scale and accordingly provide you with the commission of 20% to 40%.

9. Bigstock


 For uploading your pictures over here you need to sign up as a contributor and view their online tutorial. After all of these tasks are completed then you can start uploading your pictures on the site, you can start earning after each picture is downloaded and your earnings are based on your customer’s payment plan and as per the image size purchased. The price per photo ranges from $0.25 – $ 3.00.

10. 4Corners Images

4Corners Images

If you like clicking pictures of nature, lifestyle, food, travel then this company is for you. You can click good HD pictures and sell them on this site and earn a good amount of money.

Signing off

If you are good with your photography talent then you must start earning and make a profit out of your talent. There are few companies and sites online which will give you the chance to earn money. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow, every company has its own steps and procedures that need to be followed. To reach there you need to have the proper equipment and good quality and experience and the necessary equipment that is also given above. By following all these you can earn money by selling photos online.